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Fx Satnav Questions.

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Hi guys,

Been driving my car for 6 days and I am absolutely, positively over the moon with it. Far more fun than the BMW 3 Series was, missing a bit of top end grunt that the A3 1.8T had, but all round this car is far better, couldn't be happier. :) Averaging high 30s MPG wise in a 1.6 petrol which considering how cold it is outside and the fact that I have to negotiate 40MPH lorries and roundabouts every few miles, I am very pleased with that.

I have the FX Sat Nav system in my car and I have to be honest, I am very impressed with this as well. Having a USB socket next do the handbrake is just the most clever thing I have encountered in an OEM system. Does anyone know if ford hides a subwoofer in these cars anywhere, by the way!? The amount of bass I am getting (accurate without distortion) is amazing - I really was getting ready to read up on how to gut the interior to do my usual work of installing an aftermarket 4 channel amplifier to power the door Speakers and get a second amplifier for a subwoofer, but I don't need to!

Apologies for waffling, the actual question is about maps. It appears to be a bit of a difficult thing to do from my recent travels on Google - is there anywhere to easily buy an up to date SD card with 2012 maps on? Or are there any software updates available from the ford website? I hope I have just overlooked them somewhere, but you guys will know the answer.

Cheers guys.

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Hi, reference the satnav, there is no updates available unfortunately for download.

The Ford satnav data is copy/write protected on the card, he latest one available afaik is the 2010 UK, Western Europe and Turkey data which if purchased from a Dealer is a lot of money.

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OK, I have the 2010 SD card in my car already.

Thankfully, I have a phone capable of internet mapping so if I do find myself stranded I can use that.

Will keep an eye out for an update (should one ever surface.)

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