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Cant Remove Headlight Assembly...

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Hi Guys,

As above, I cant get the headlight assembly out. Prodded the retaining clips (both of them) and unscrewed the main bolt. However, due to the fact that the headlight assembly is bigger on the edges and kisses the wing, I cant pull the thing out! As I tug it, its almost like its latched somewhere else... I dont know whether I need to just whack it royally or what but I cannot get the thing out! :@

Any suggestions?

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I had this first two times with my focus headlamps... Just a big whack sorted it!!

What does it say in the manual?

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Thanks chaps, I was tempted to wack but didn't know the best place to wack it! I will give it another go tomorrow probably or dedicate a bit more time at the weekend.

I have read somewhere that there may be another form of nut somewhere on the side bolting it to the wing...? does that ring any bells?

Otherwise your saying just keep tugging, and twist the assembly from the grillside to the outside?

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On the old focus there were 3 bolts holding the lamp in. And one of these was inside the wing... So you may well be correct

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Thanks Dave, my only query is why would mine have the side bolts, and everyone else just the prongs and the torx on top...

I may try pop out at lunch and give it a bit more of a vigorous workout... Might get them out...

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Got their in the end!

Now I am just struggling to fathom out the removal of the H1 bulb...

My advice... Start by following the guide, when you have removed the torx screw start by prodding the horizontal plastic clip with the screwdriver, then stick on a pair of leather or gardening gloves...

Slide your hand down the side closest the centre of the car, and cup your hand around the light and the prong you just prodded, then lift up and pull the light slowly towards you (diagonally outwards) then as it becomes loose, take your hand out, and loosen the other prong, then cup again and pull! this will work the light out!

The gloves will prevent cuts and grazes and make gripping a lot easier too!

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Ok -- I've got to share after struggling with this on my 2011 C Max. 

My right headlight came out without too much trouble, but the right was seemingly impossible. 

So I got out the hammer -- I used the claw end and pulled up right under the tab where the top screw was removed and voila it popped out enough to wiggle it out the way the other lamp assembly did. It seems that there is a plastic piece that inserts into the sheet metal below that if never removed before, is very tight. 

See this video -- It will really help you see the approximate motion that can work. it's for 2013 to 2014 which is pretty much the same body style as a 2011 -- but there are some (plastic?) rivets that don't apply to the 2011 and I don't think I needed to loosen the fairing at the top.  

For me -- the motion that worked, once you see both the top and bottom screw points are loose -- is to first wiggle the front of the light out a bit, then make an almost rotating slide upward towards the top top screw... rotating the length of it (from front of lens back to top screw mount) clockwise on the (British) driving side.

Here are the manual instructions -- I didn't push towards the center... http://www.manualslib.com/manual/825959/Ford-C-Max.html?page=62#manual

Another tid bit -- I don't have the owners manual and found one or two online that seemed to match my car -- but in both the american and british version they had dipped(american "low") beam mixed up with main("high") beams in the diagram. I was really confused about what was going wrong with my car -- I had two bulbs blow -- one right after the other and saw reports of people with more serious issues when both dipped beams go at once.

http://www.manualslib.com/manual/825959/Ford-C-Max.html?page=63#manual   That diagram is clearly wrong!!!! The dipped beams are on the outside and I think this is standard for almost every car!

Anyway - that was painful and I hope it was useful for others with the same struggle.

I hope I've made the internet just a little more useful for humanity. Now if Ford could have designed the bulb replacement process with daily users in mind, that would be really appreciated.


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