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Ford Fiesta Van (First Car) Need Advice

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hey everybody im trying to find some help

i just purchased my first car

ford fiesta van 1.4 TDCI 2004(53plate, im thrilled with it)

so here are my questions

1)where can i find a owners manual for it (it didn't come with one and i can't find a van manual)

2)can i install a double din stereo (i seen a video of how to cut room for one, it has a triple deck cassette at the moment)

3) if i need tyres what specification tyres do i need which brand is best and how much)

4) will the haynes manual for the ford fiesta 02-08 car be suitible for my van?

5)is there anything i should know about it?

please help i am desperate for some help with this

thank you very much i hope to find help here

kind regards


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You can buy an owners manual from here; https://www.z-order.de/handbook/

The haynes manual should be suitable.

Wheel bearings are quite a common fault on the feistas if you have a quick browse of the fiesta section you'll most likely find a few other recurring issues aswel although in general they're fairly reliable cars/vans.

What size wheels do you have? Continental tyres tend to be reasonably priced and pretty good quality.


Thats a link to a single din mounting kit. Is it just a standard CD player you're fitting or a double decker?

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great thanks for your help at the moment it sounds perfect but i'll keep an ear out for the bearing right i'll be getting them

urrrm i've been looking at a double decker i found that amazon link to one would that fit ok?

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Yeah that look about right mate. You cant buy a proper ford part for it you can only get proper ford adaptors for either the triple deck stereo or the single din ones, that one looks the same size as the single din one i got for mine just minus the tray that mines got plus its got the same screw holes so that should fit fine.

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