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Intermittent Squeal From Steering


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It's a 10 plate Fiesta Style with 22k on the clock. Recently an intermittent high pitch squeal has developed when turning the steering wheel. This occurs, not only when turning corners but also when changing position on the road, and at various speeds.

Has anyone else had any experience of this, and if so do you know the cause/remedy? I phoned the main dealer only to be told that my warranty ran out 2 weeks ago :(

The car was MOT'd just over a week ago and passed first go, with an advisory that the rear n/s tyre had just under 3mm of tread.

In addition to this, when the car was MOT'd there wer two dates of registration, one of which was when the car was first registered in the UK in 2011. Hence, there was some confusion as whether or not the MOT was due? However, when feeding the info into the VOSA database it showed it was due an MOT. Nevertheless, when my road tax renewal form came it said that I'd need an MOT cert from 01/01/2014??? Hence, for one year has the car been out of the country?

Many Thanks In Advance :)

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Thanks btmaldon, 22k on the clock. Daft question, where's the power steering reservoir?

Don't know on your car. Its normally front left of the engine as you look in the engine bay. Grey/white plastic bottle with possibly a black cap.

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