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What Do You Suppose This Means ?

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It's written in black marker under the bonnet of the Mondeo diesel I bought last week.

Usually when the timing belt has been changed mechanics sometimes write the details on the bonnet.

S it was changed : 13/11/12 at 90144 miles

Which is 100% in compliance with manufacturers spec

Standard timing + auxilery belt

Not sure about 40% may be torque or the rotation of timing to locking.

But defo the timing belt information.

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Ok that's good, because I wondered if the timing belt had been done on it. Thanks alot !

p.s. Is there a timing belt or chain in these ?

No prob,

To confirm this; your service log book should have an entry with mileage to match the bonnet writing.

ot sure if its belt or chain but giving that its been changed at around 100,000 id say its a belt

But you should see down the side of the engine to see if its a chain or belt mate.

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