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Put St220 Engine Into A 2.0 2001 Zetec Help!?!?!?!

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hi, i am thinking about putting an st220 engine into my standard 2.0 petrol zetec. i was just wondering if this is plausible or just generally another stupid idea of mine. any help or constructive criticism is welcome, thanks.

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Agreed - you would need most of the ST220 to do it and it would be a lot of work, afterwards, it would just be an ST220 that you could have bought anyway, its only really practical if you had an accident damaged ST220 (EG -damaged Shell or chassis legs etc)

If you were going to go to all that hassle you would be better using a 2.5T engine (300+ HP easily/"cheaply" attanable) and it would be a bit more "special" / rarer in a mk3 chassis

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