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Ford Sync Problem


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Hello all! I have a connectivity issue since yesterday with Ford SYNC and my phone. When I open BT, SYNC says "phone disconnected". When I am trying to connect manually, it says "Connection failed", when I am trying to make a call it says that no phone is connected and that it will try to connect one, but with no success. However, when I am trying to play music from bluetooth audio, it plays!!! I have tried to pair again phone with no result. I've made a few phone restarts, but the same issue remains. When I'm trying to delete device from sync, it remains on screen. I have an HTC Desire S, I have paired another phone in the past (Samsung Galaxy) but haven't tried to connect other one since the problem started. HTC is the master phone in SYNC. Any advice? Thanks!

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Hello, Did you manage to get this sorted? My phone has just done this today, it's driving me mad. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. Thanks

I went to the dealer's service, they made a hard reset with the computer. It was fixed for one day! I think there is a problem with sync connection when the phone restarts unexpectedly, it crashes... I changed phone for sync use because with the HTC was no hope. No problems at the moment.

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