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oil leak


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i have a mk2 escort 1.6 xflow 711 block , it has started leaking oil from the front left hand corner of the head gasket, but the car is not over heating and the water in the radiator is clean also it idles lumpy or cuts out without choke, it seems to run fine with no smoke and sounds quite healthy The water in the radiator is clean and the oil isnt like baileys ...does this sound likehead gasket failure or should i be looking elsewhere for the oil leak



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yep, don't drive it until you have had the head gasket sorted. what you are getting is oil probably leaking into a cylinder from one of the oilways.

which will cause the engine to run lumpy as it wont have the right combustion.

thanks mate,

i used a pressure tester on it and it has less pressure on the first cylinder where the leak is, so ill try and replace the head gasket at the weekend, ..judging by the haynes manual it seems a pretty sraight forward job

thanks again for you help


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