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Been A While Since I Saw And Heard This Much Rubbish!

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So, as you may have seen, I was a tad concerned that my alternator was bunked (jury is still out) Anyway I went to 2 Kwik fits for opinions.


Battery test reported Generally seems it should be OK, alternator was fine. I left my obd connector in and android connected to it, because of this my car threw a wobbler, randomly accelerated and threw transmission errors. I removed the obd connector and it behaved. After the test he said someone's probably made a has of the wiring, told me that the led lights in the car probably cause errors on the can bus..:-S anyway off I went to Kwik fit number 2


Tooknthe battery and tested it, came back reporting that the battery was unserviceable and needed replacing,started to pull prices until I told him the battery was new. Suggested I go to them and they would test it.

Went to euro car parts, already told me on the phone bring your receipt and shouldn't be a problem to swap. In the last year I have had several jump starts and tests, the alternator always shows fine {14volts or so) and they repeated its the battery and to replace if it persists but after changing the abs sensor it started behaving itself. Told the manager all this and said he would so a test so I had to remove the battery,and he rested it. Told me it was in 100% condition and charge and he wouldn't replace it, I argued that everyone else said battery and after a Spanish inquisition and argument, I eventually got begrudged a replacement battery. Apparently, error codes reporting a battery issue, and everyone who looks at the car and says its likely a battery where all wrong because the battery is fine.

Given that just because I am not sneezing, blowing my nose or. Coughing in his face that moments doesn't mean I don't have a cold, and the fact the battery has failed me a few times already...

Anyways I have heard a lot of bull, but the last thing I saw almost made me wet myself. At the local drive thru a land rover in front of me foes through collects his food, heads off. I grab mine and follow. He then pulls up, mounts the pavement and. Blocks the exit while a queue is forming. His passenger then stretches out The car, and puts a can on top of the binl they proceed to drive off.

What a bone idle begger, opening a door, stepping out and placing something in the bin is too much effort, but blocking everyone and dumping a can on the bin is fine. I supposenat least he didn't chuck it on the floor....

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Well I have calmed down now, lol, needless to say the battery appears to have resolved the problems. I think my key quotes of the day where these...

"I see someone has been installing LED lights, I suspect that this is causing CAN BUS COMMUNICATION errors"

"Seems you have installed LED DRL's and the connection is completely unfused!" - "Have you followed the source wire? can you see the piggy back and the fuse?"

"I dont believe that the battery voltage High or battery Voltage Low are an issue with the battery" - "So what is it if its not the alternator?"

"When your car cut out on the motorway and you lost all power to everything, I don't think this was a battery issue" - "what do you think it was, and why when I disconnected the battery and reconnected, did it start working?" - "I think it has to be a diesel pump, or an injector pump" - "And why would this kill all electrics to the entire car?"

"I recon someone has made a complete hash up of your wiring" - "Really? But the original wiring has never been touched?" - "Definitely looks to me like whoever installed those LED bulbs in the ambient lighting has hashed up the CAN BUS" - Really?

I think there are some gems there!

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