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Door Glass Compatability Between Estate And Hatchback?

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This is my first post on the forum so please be gentle with me - I'm a teacher by trade so cars aren't my strongest point.

I have a 2004 diesel estate with more miles on it than the Starship Enterprise

A lovely person put a brick through my passenger front window this afternoon and nicked the Satnav..

The biggest faff is of course replacing the glass - I'm far too tight to pay for new glass or to have a 12 year old from Autoglass come round and scratch the paint and damage all the trim whilst attempting to shoehorn new glass in.

I've been looking round Ebay and a couple of scrapyard sites and whilst I can find plenty of saloon door glasses there aren't very not many for an estate.

Whilst the rear doors are very different, I wasnt aware the front doors were a different shape?

Are they actually different?

I've replaced glasses in Mondogs before but not on a Focus - anything I need to be aware of? - does the glass need bonding into the metalwork at all?

Looking on the bright side - Its the first time I've vacuumed the car in months...It was getting to the point I when I have to wipe my feet when I get out..

AND I found £1.17 under the seats..

thanks in advance for any help you can give.


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All sorted now - £10 from a breakers yard and a doddle to fit - all sorted in 25mins.

I just hope the !Removed! who nicked the satnav, flogs it for drugs and overdoses on them,,


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Good to hear you got it sorted quickly :)

I wonder why people do it for the 40 quid they'll get for it. Madness

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most the time drugs, alcohol or other additictions means that people have broken into cars for an extraordinary 25p! yes! 25p! I also had family a few years ago, had their car broken into for COPIED CD's - not even originals, but a copy / backup they made themselves, they found a particularly well known addict had been flogging them down behind the pub for about 50p each!

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