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Accident Repair


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i have had my car looked at by a accident repair for specialist, I recently got told the subframe was bent slightly but the guy that looked at it today as said he is almost certain it is not my subframe and that my subframe just need moving again and its my suspension leg that needs changing.

I have a few questions

1 does this sound like it could make my wheel be not central within the arch, the subframe has moved about 3-5mm.

2 would i need to change the hub or is that unlikely to be damaged.

3 any advice on changing the leg and moving the subframe.

the car drives ok, pulls slightly to the right and some knocking when turning left and hitting bumps.

sometime the wheel pulls to the left at really low speeds and turning left ie when parking,

I think these symptoms are just because my wheel is not central within the arch. The chassis is all ok been checked by the body shop.


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If the wheel is being 'wayward' I'd suspect the wishbone/suspension geometry is off.

An alignment check at a garage would show how far out and whether it is safe/possible to dial out.

I would say most likely new wishbones, track rods, suspension and possibly steering rack needed.

I would assume by the area of the problem that it was an impact on one corner?

I had a motorbike hit my car while parked and knocked the wheel forward.

The total bill was £1500 but that did include a new wheel/tyre and repairing/repainting the wing and lower sill.

You could be looking at £700 plus.

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someone has half repaired the car already its had a wishbone already can tell its newer, track rod looks newer too. I think its been half repaired.

The subframe is out of alignment a body shop reckons its just been moved and the leg is bent. The hub looks ok. i should mention that it is stiffer on that side. most of it look fine by eye. the wheel is straight just about an inch towards the back of the car.

Cant afford for a professional to repair so going to have to try it myself. just wondering if you all think that sound like the guy in the body shop could be right.

should point out i bought the car like this unknown to me. so i don't know exactly what happened from the little signs that are there i think it was something small could have been a kerb, something no bigger that the bottom of the bumper and not hard enough to even total the radiator, it has got signs of accident damage though.

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Definitely get a Garage to put the car on an alignment machine to see how much out it is.

Some of it may be able to be dialed out but if it's outside adjustment range then will need parts and straightening of the sub-frame on a jig.

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have to agree with stoney what looks like a small amount to you is far more on the car you need to ask the question why they only half repaired it perhaps they already know it needs far more than first thought its crucial to have it checked to see how far out it really is

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i'm going to try and change the strut in the morning and see how it looks after i have aligned it best by i can by eye.

A full alignment check is going to have to wait till pay day.

As i said i have had it looked at by a professional body shop, not on an alignment machine. But the guy said he has seen it loads of times and was almost sure it was the leg. if i can get it close then it will be better till i can get it fully repaired and aligned.

quick question do i need to take off the drive shaft to or can i move the hub enough to change the strut??

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