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Exhaust Problem


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Hi People

Gotta problem surprise surprise , I got some blue smoke coming out the exhaust on cold start up then it goes also if you lift the bonnet the smoke coming from the rear of the engine bay.

I have checked my exhaust and realized the front down pipe from the cat has had a !Removed! bodge job of a weld and there is also holes in the pipe at the connecting bracket which i have just put some gum gum on for now so i need a new cat, which i will be getting next week with a new manifold and mid section.

the question is, could this be causing the smoke or could it be stem seals as iv'e heard some people say it might be, but they are saying burning oil, but i have no oil leaks and i'm not losing a single drop of oil or coolant so hoping just the cat and exhaust.

Cheers for any help in advance.

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depends how much blue smoke your talking about.

blue is oil burning, so if your talking a couple of seconds of blue smoke then will take a while to notice a drop in oil on the dipstick, where as if it smokes for first 10/15 mins, then should be registering a small loss in oil.

exhaust wont cause blue smoke, its definitely burning oil somewhere.

taking it for granted its a petrol engine.

first check quality of oil..if not changed recently, then worth doing making sure you use the right grade...plus if overfilled can lead to burning problems

check that the breathing system isnt clogged...if it is then it will force oil out in the easiest route it can...which is often the brather pipes which lead straight into the inlet manifold...

check or change the PCV valve and pipes

if that all fails to stop it, then could be an early sign of stem seals

what you need to consider, is if that oil burning gets worse, can easily end up damaging your new cat and 02 sensors

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Checked it for a month and no loss in oil at all

Had a problem a bit starting about three weeks ago but ended up being an air hose from the throttle body to the injectors an noticed the crankshaft air hose was !Removed! so still eliminating

Gonna do an oil change, replace hoses add some fuel treatment cleaner , new cat an manifold needs one anyway and go from there keeps me busy

Cheers for the advise oh yeah and it is petrol, an smoke only lasts for about 30 seconds or so

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