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Ford Focus Mkii Facelift Centre Console

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I've recently purchased a Ford Focus Sport 1.6 TDCI 2010.

I would really like to swap the centre console. The console shown in the the image below without the armrest and door is what my car currently has.



I do however prefer the console shown below, with the armrest and door underneath the climate controls.


How would I swap these considering the USB & Aux socket is in the middle of the console (where the black section is behind gear stick)? Can this be done with a console which has a USB & Aux socket in the armrest?

Also, where would I get that silver hinged compartment door? How would this be fitted with another centre console?

I really hope someone can help here, I'm very confused!

Thanks :)

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Well the centre console on ebay i've seen for about £125 dont know if that includes compartment.

or try vehicle dismantlers (breakers) as insurance companies like to write of cars these days just for a scratch lol

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Thanks for your reply!

I've had a look on eBay but there doesn't seem to be much there, expensive too.

I managed to find a centre console with the USB connections in the armrest, but not sure if or how I would connect those in the centre of my current console, to those in the armrest?

Are there any breakers you would recommend, or any sites where I can find the parts online?

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The USB and AUX are wiring specific so unless you already have them thenyou need to retrofit your own kit.

Look below my signature and I have guides on swapping consoles and also fitting the tray (we tend to refer to it as a garage door here).

Links here just in case you're not on a PC-



For my USB I fitted the Ford OEM upgrade unit but this works just as well (you tend to find that they will only play off memory sticks not phones/ipods etc, but do work very well and give good sound quality)-


Also if you don't already have an AUX input then get one of these plus an extension cable and run as I did (to the rear tray)-



If you need any further ideas/guidance/tips feel free to P/M me or just ask here.

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There are these bits currently available-


You'd just need a bit of wiring, a bracket, couple of bolts, a lower console and side panels.

If you want a hand to sort the lighter sockets wiring loom I can knock one up for you if you need for a nominal cost.

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Thanks for that!

As you can see here...


I've circled the location of the USB & AUX connections which is on the current console (behind gear stick) I'm surprised this is different to other 2010 mk2.5 Focus'!

Is it easy enough just to transfer these to a console which has the USB connections in the arm rest?

Also, do you know anywhere I can get the "garage door" compartment to replace what is there in the picture?

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The USB socket pulls out of the console and has a cable plugged into the back.

Remove the socket and run an USB extension cable back under the console, same for the AUX socket.

The garage doors do come up on ebay but can be rare depending on the colour.

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So... Reviving an old topic for my first post on the forum.


I'm looking to also fit a facelift centre console to a prefacelift MK2 focus.


Does anyone know if I will be able to use my existing gear knob, gaiter/surround and my exiting handbreak surround?



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If you need any guidance further than which is contained in my guide then feel free to give me a shout.

Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk

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