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My Deep Blue Impact Zetec S 63 Plate

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Had my 1.0 Ecoboost Zetec S for a couple of weeks now....

Not done to much yet but do have some plans.. ;)

So far fitted

Fiesta branded Rubber mats

Rubber Boot mat

Proper spare wheel not that gunk nonsense

Zetec 'S' sill Guards

Team Heko wind deflectors

Changed footwell lights to icy blue

Fitted Zetec S badges to rear and 'S' badge to front grill

Ford Owners Club Membership (best mod yet :D )

Plans include

Powdercoat wheels (not sure on colour yet)

Mountune Spoiler extension

Mountune Re-Map / Exhaust upgrade

Mountune Short Shifter (not sure on this yet)

Have upgraded bulbs for Main beam,Sidelights and Fogs on order


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Nice mods and ideas :) liking the colour and car obvs Hahaa, post some more pictures when you do updates.

Thanks pal.... i will do

What bulbs you go for?




liking the car fella and like the sound of the plans.

Thanks mate... promised myself i would only lightly mod this car... but it's hard ...lol

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You don't need to bring the feed from the map light in the zs facelift, there's a plug for the ambient light already there, just pick your feed up from there. Either solder onto the wires or remove the plug and fit terminals :) you can then use the menu on the car to turn it off and on like if it were fitted standard.

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