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Mk4 Zetec - Rear Fuse Box - Ignition Switched Fuse?


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Does anyone know if there is an ignition switched fuse on the rear fuse box? I am looking to fusetap into this in order to power parking sensors, rather than power from the reverse light.

Anyone aware if any of those fuses are ignition powered, or are they permanent?


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Here is list of MK4 Rear fuses, not sure if I can post layout

Rear fuse box

Fuse information

FA1 25A Door module, LH front (window up/down, central locking, electric folding mirror, heated mirror);

FA2 25A Door module, RH front (window up/down, central locking, electric folding mirror, heated mirror);

FA3 25A Door module, LH rear (window up/down);

FA4 25A Door module, LH rear (window up/down);

FA5 10A Rear locking (without rear door modules);

FA6 15A Auxiliary power socket;

FA7 5A Relay coils;

FA8 20A Steering column lock;

FA9 Not used;

FA10 30A Power seat, driver;

FA11 20A Accessories, trailer module;

FA12 Not used;

FB1 5A Parking aid module;

FB2 15A Suspension module;

FB3 15A Seat heater, front driver;

FB4 15A Seat heater, front passenger;

FB5 15A Seat heater, LH rear;

FB6 Not used;

FB7 15A Seat heater, RH rear;

FB8 Not used;

FB9 30A Power seat, passenger;

FB10 10A Anti-theft alarm horn;

FB11 Not used;

FB12 Not used;

FC1 Not used;

FC2 Not used;

FC3 Not used;

FC4 Not used;

FC5 7.5A CD changer, rear seat entertainment system;

FC6 Not used;

FC7 5A Power seat memory function module;

FC8 20A Keyless entry;

FC9 Not used;

FC10 Not used;

FC11 Not used;

FC12 Not used.

will try and check circuit diagram tomorrow, why not reverse lights feed?

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Thanks Alan,

The reason is because I want to be able to use the front parking sensors at the same time, but if I take the car outa reverse, then the sensors all stop...

So I am looking at a remote cutoff switch so that if it starts to beep at me I can kill it remotely.

According to another website, FB1 should be ignition live...

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Unfortunately I cannot find FB1 ON Haynes Circuit Diagram amongst a load of other ommissions, the only thing I can suggest is fit the fusetap and check the output with a meter to see if it does operate via the ignition.

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