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Mk2.5 Focus 1.8 Zetec S 2010 Question

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Hi all

Im new to the forum , iv recently been looking for a used focus with low mileage , iv seen & test driven a mk2.5 zetec s 1.8 125ps @ 22000 miles for around £8000 , i really liked the look of the motor , as it had the full sports pack on it .

During the test drive i wasnt able to open up the throttle at all , due to traffic . My question really is , do they have a bit of grunt with the 125ps ?

My previous car was an 05 audi a3 140 tdi sport , im under no impression the focus will have the same sort of power as the audi , but know iv a family to consider & i need a reliable, low mileage 5 door car that wont cost an absolute fortune when it goes wrong .

Thanks for taking to the time to read my post , i look forward to your responses



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You'll notice the differences after driving an A3 but will definitely enjoy the Focus ZS.

It has good looks, is well kitted out, and is nippier than you'd think.

You really need to open up the taps on it to get the full benefit.

BTW, welcome to the club.

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Having test driven both the 1.8 (125) and the 1.6 ti-vct (115) variants, I plumped for the 1.6. The 1.6 has a lot more low down torque due to the variable can timing, felt easier to drive and a lot closer to my old diesel I.e. due to the torque you can get away with not changing down gears if you are just driving normally round town etc. My impression of the 1.8 was as Stoney said it has to be ragged to get the best of it.

Will be a different beast to drive than your diesel for sure and feel slower dude to the lack of turbo kick.

Equipment levels are basically the same as the zetec's with a few extra sporty bits of trim inside, push start etc, and of course the body kit, but interior equipment is no where as good as the titanium version.

I am very pleased with mine after 7 months ownership.

Some of the little things that niggled me were : one touch down on the drivers window but no one touch up. No global window closing (ie if you lock car and windows are open you can put them up with the remote) those functions are only available on models with all round electric windows which are generally only found on the titanium spec. I have just about got used to that now - it might not bother you but have seen new focus owners mention this after having it on the old cars. There are a few rattles on mine here and there in the cabin from door cards etc, but any car can rattle.

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Thanks for the replies guys , im going to purchase the 1.8 petrol , the mrs will be doing the school run in it & mostly using it as i have a company van , im aware of the 30mpg fuel consumption , but i just needed to make sure it had a little kick to it , before parting with my hard earned cash as i couldnt really see any posts regarding the performance if it .

Im seriously going to miss my baby 140 tdi sport though , shes served me well over the years , but unfortantly shes a little pricey to look after & repair .

Thanks again


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