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Mk2.5 Focus Washer Motor Dead


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Hi all,

Recently purchased a 2011 1.6 focus TDCi sport. Had the car a month and both the windscreen and rear window washers no longer work. When the stalk is pressed for water nothing happens, there is no sound of the motor working and the wipers do not do the usual 3 wipes, pause, then another wipe. Similarly the rear wiper does not do the continual wipe.

Has anybody had a similar problem or know what it could be? I've had a look in the fuse box and it all seems fine. Going to phone the garage tomorrow with it being a bank holiday today but for safety If I could fix it now myself I'd prefer to.

Many thanks,


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The easiest way to get to the washer motor is by taking the right front wheel off, removing the arch liner and you should then have access to the washer bottle

If the washers aren't wiping either tho, it could be a more serious problem, but I'd try (if you have a multimeter) making sure the motors getting power to it and also resistance test the motor to try and eliminate one or the other

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Considering the wipers dont work neither i reckon its possibly a blown fuse

Check both the fuse box below the passenger glove box and the one in the engine bay,

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