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Insurance Companies Or Manatees With Idea Balls?

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Honestly, you couldn't imagine...scratch that.. I bet you could imagine the array of numbers I've got when searching for a quote... the most ridiculous thing is, 1 company that has cropped up on confused, compare the market, and um..money supermarket maybe(?) quotes have varied between £320-£420....same company, same information, different website... 9 years no claims, never had an accident, no convictions...and it's a 1.6 tdci..AND an estate... nothing against estates I love them, but the image is more 'old man' than boy racer... hate to think what an ST would do to my wallet.

Anyone seen that episode of South Park with the manatees in the pool that write the family guy scripts... I think that's how insurance companies work..

Problem I have as well is that my car was a Cat C before I owned it, so I'm limited on some companies.

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cant say I have sween that episode but insurers are a law unto themselves.

The different prices between comparison agents is based on the commission they take from each sale. I always find the cheapest quote, call them direct, give them a quote similar that I just made up and asked them to better it. 90% of the time they can do something with the price, only once have I had to go back to the comparison site to buy the same insurance cover through a third party to get it cheaper than direct.

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