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Had My Focus About A Month... A Few Slight Issues


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So i upgraded my mk6 1.4 tdci fiesta to a 07 mk2 1.6 focus style "but with ghia wheels and seats" bought it from my sister so was pretty cheap, she told me that the steering makes a noise at times and the air con doesnt work.

with regards to the steering noise, its kinda like a grinding/scraping noise i only notice it when turning either direction driving at below 15mph. she said that it happened before and the steering rack or column got oiled by a garage and it fixed it.

i have also noticed that the power steering feels kinda weak and it doesn't spin back to centre when turning and ect.

power steering fluid was like an inch above the max mark but ive corrected that dont know how long its been high or if that could of caused any issue tho.

aircon ive been told that it just needs a new aircon pipe but how would i go about checking whats needed and if i could do it myself

also the air vents "face" dont blow out much air on any setting could this be as simple as new pollen filter needed?

thanks for any info in advance

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Ok to check ac you need to have a indicator liquid put in and the ac charged up. This way once the ac is all started up the uh light will show where the liquid has been leaking out. Or get compressed air and listen for any hissing. But any ac specialist will be able to check.

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