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Any Mustang Owners Out There?


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Great cars.... I believe a lot of people will buy them for their value. My worry is that they will become too common like any audi or bmw. However on a good note, there will be more mustang owners to hang about with :-)

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Not yet, but next year I'll be the proud owner of a 2.3l Ecoboost Deep impact blue Mustang. Can't wait. :D

Indeed :)

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On 11/3/2014 at 0:41 AM, deanoklaus said:

Hi All

I am new to this club. I was wandering if there are any mustang owners here. Also are there any Mustang or Ford meetings, drives, shows, etc. and when?


Hey! Just joined :)

Can't speak for general Ford meetings but Mustang wise, there is a lot going on. Bit of a trek for you but there is a monthly meet in Newbury, Berhshire that I often go to. Normally get around 20 cars there - mainly mustangs, of all ages.

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Always wanted to ask mustang users - is it true that Mustangs offer the "cheapest" horsepowers out there? I mean - Audi, BWM or Mercedes - if we would like to get a car with comparable hp from Audi, BMW or Mercedes, we would need to pay lot more than for Mustang.

I wonder why is it like that? Are German brands so overpriced?

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On 6/16/2021 at 11:59 PM, john.cope said:

Hi Everyone,

I have just joined and I own a 2020 Mustang Bullitt.




just sold my Puma ST and ordered a race red GT 😁 gotta wait 7-12 months for it to be built though! Literally can’t wait!  

this section seems pretty dead though 😬

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