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Hello people Im Gregg from Chesterfield, Derbyshire. I have Two focus Estates a 1.8 tddi 51 plate which i totaly love and is in need of Help and my main is a 1.6 tdci sport 56 plate which is new when the 51 nearly died on me. I dont know yet how this forum works but will be exploring it to find out if any of you have had the same problem with your cars. Happy New year to you all and thanks for letting me join.

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Hey up Russ Happy New Year to you.

God you are bringing back some old memorys there, My first car was a ford fiesta 1300 stort mk1 in bright orange loved it. I couldnt afford the xr2 so i had the look alike lol with the full body kit big bore exhaust made a lot of noise but didnt really go anywhere.

Thanks for the welcome and maybe see ya around.

Cheers Gregg

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Happy new year to you to Gregg

My first car was an old T reg mini 850,proper old school,then rosso red xr2 then when i got married to first wife i traded it in for an orion ghia, i cried !!!

I love old school☺ got to relive my youth again,got the vespa now just need the old ford one day.

Take care


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