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My clutch is sticking to the floor and slowly does release itselfs does anyone know what this is? I have a very long drive tomorrow to a funeral so I need my car!!

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Does the pedal stick on when you try to operate it with the ignition off? Do you find it difficult to get it into gear?

There are a couple of reasons why your clutch might be sticking, 1.) there is air in the lines, I am not sure but I think its the same as brake fluid so that may need bleeding. 2.) it could just be clutch itself, it could be going. 3.) if its new, then maybe it needs to be worn in; its worth taking it into a dealer tomorrow as it could be as simple as greasing the mechanisms.

Also, it depends on what system you have, whether you have hydraulic or cable operated. If its cable operated it may be as simple as slack in the cable but if its hydraulic you'll have 2 master cylinders and I think it can be solved by bleeding the slave cylinder. If there is air it will make compressing harder.

to test whether its a clutch problem you could drive the car and go from a low gear at revs into a higher gear, and if its slipping then you'll have your answer although given the circumstances I wouldn't recommend it as if there is clutch engaging/ releasing issues it may become a hazard if you need to stop.

Hope this helps,


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Isn't there a common fault with broken pedal return spring which can also cause this?

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Yeah Streetka 54 plate, can't believe it has to happen today of all days it's not a new clutch, when I change gear the pedal sticks a little which makes the car rev a little then it releases fine the car is on to drive gears are fine to change just I don't want to drive a 4 hours journey with it. X

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