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Fiesta Problem Help Please


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Just got fiesta titanium 2011. Have connected my iPhone and if I go manually my phone book is showing and it works fine by clicking ok to select and make call. I am trying to use voice control but I think because it's 2011 model it won't sync with my contacts just says directory empty. Take it that means the cars directory?? The only way I can use voice control is to save name then save number. This is a pretty tedious way one letter - confirm etc... Is there any other way or have I got to individually put numbers into cars memory this way?

The other thing is, I've never had low profile tyres before and noticed that if drivers side wheels touch the central white line the car feels twitchy through the steering wheel. I had tracking checked and it was way out so that's been sorted but can still kind of feel it occasionally. Is this normal as my friend says she can feel reaction to different surfaces also. Any advice ??? Thanks

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No help really, tbh when I first set up my phone to my car I was able to sync the whole directory across no problem, mines a iPhone 5s

Also, I can feel changes to the road surface, for instance if I drive over cats eyes in the road overtaking, or on the motorway where they've previously had a stretch which was worked in and they've had to shift and narrow the lanes (I forget what the technical term for that is), on the same stretch when we come to a contra flow I can feel the change in surface as we drive through the barrier and into the opposite side of the motorway (horrible, even at 50!), so I think the last bit is normal, mine aren't particularly low profile tyres either, I mean they're only 15" (55 profile I think)

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Ford said it's because newer models use sync and it just syncs with your contact list. I have iPhone 5.

The other thing is why if you cannot use voice control why does it have it. Fords said I can only use the manual way to call a person using the dials and screen. But already proved them wrong by voicing name and number in 'save name' option on voice control.

Surely someone on here has a 2011 titanium that will be able to advise me. Thanks all

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