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* Decent Contact Adhesive For Sticking Down Rubber Seal


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The black rubber window seal that seals the upper front vertical edges of the rear passenger door against the middle pillar has pulled away and, I can see that it has originally been kept in place by some type of adhesive.

I would like to permanently stick it back in place so that it properly seals against the middle pillar, can anyone suggest a good contact adhesive to use and, prior to sticking it down again, what is needed to remove the old adhesive residue on the door edge?

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A tar remover will get rid of the old adhesive, if both parts are flat get a strong double sided tape to stick it back on.

You could ask a dealer to sort this if its your new car.

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WDon't know what will remove the residue ...tar remover white spirit am guessing here but

For a permanent stick down and never to come off a would say gorilla glue it's strongest stuff I've ever used (ma mate thought it would be funny to glue a brick to side of our wall..........was there for over a year and got it off with a crowbar) lol

But if any others would have there thoughts too

Or as Mark said lol

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Hi Mark/Paramanic, thanks for your replys. No, thank God, it's not my 2 week old new car, if it was, then as you say, I'd have gone straight back to the dealer. Strong double sided tape seems worth a go but the rubber is slightly rippled - who sells strong double sided tape?

Paramanic, I've heard of gorilla glue but what shops stock it?

Tar remover/white spirit sounds should work with removing the residue.

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I had the same problem even after I had both seals replaced under warranty. I cleaned old glue residue off with Evo-Stick Adhesive Cleaner then restuck using 12mm Double Sided Foam Tape. Been on now for nearly 2 years and still holding.


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