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System Engine Failure


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My Car was working Fine up until Sunday when I had a Systems Engine Failure.

Car went into Limp Mode, pulled over and stopped the engine, car wouldn't start again, so I called the AA, when they arrived car started again.

He put in onto this computer to see what errors there were, the following came up

P0670 Heather Plug monitor functioin interrupted

U0422 Can Communication with Central Electronics (AA Man thought this was because it didnt originally start after pulling over)

He tried to clear them, but wouldnt let him

Car is a Ford Focus C-max 1.8 TDCI (56 Plate)

Any suggestions


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there are many parts to the glow plug system, from the relay to the monitor, to the module and the plugs themselves.

There was a TSB issued previously for Focus and Focus CMAX, whereby the relays where susceptible to dirt and grit etc and could corrode the relay to a point it would be ineffective, or worse - start a fire.

Its possible this is the issue you are experiencing, in which case contact your local ford dealer and ask them about this.

Here is a link to some TSB info from the CMAX Owners Club:


Search the word glow and you will find it :)

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