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* Fiesta "tyre Pressure Monitoring System"


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I've searched the forums and found some info on the old DDS system which have 'rubber valves' and the newer TPMS which have 'tyre pressure sensors' working at 433 Mhz on each wheel and have 'metal valves.

Do the vehicles with the newer TPMS system always have 'metal valves'?

The reason I'm asking is because my car is a 2015 Titanium X with 17" alloys and I've just checked the valves and they appear to be 'rubber'. I've attached a couple of pics of the valves on my wheels.

I would appreciate members input on this thread please.



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I've got rubber valves and the tpms which I can assure you is alive and well.

I scuffed my alloy on day one, so swapped for my spare so it could be repaired and bingo! My system detected something was amiss ( they don't put the valves in the spares). As soon as my 'rightful' alloy was back the system temporarily pinged back to normal, I say temporarily as they didn't inflate my wheel to the correct guage and it set off my tpms again lol

All is fine and happy now

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Hi Laurie

Thanks for your reply.

So, do your valves look like the valves in the pics I've posted? If so, then the newer TPMS systems do not all automatically come with 'metal valves'? Maybe our valves are metal but with a rubber sleeve?

Just out of interest, as the tyres are monitored separately with the latest TPMS system which employs a 433 Mhz wireless sensor in each tyre, what do you have showing in 'settings' for the TPMS? I've only seen the part where you can reset the pressures and I would have thought that given the individual tyre monitoring of this system, we might have had more information for that option?

And, as stated below, with this new system, tyre resetting is not necessary after a tyre change or re-inflation of one or more tyres???

Since I started the thread a couple of hours ago, I've found some very interesting info on the TPMS and have posted the links below:



The Kwik-Fit website states that, from 2012, under current MoT legislation, a vehicle displaying an illuminated TPMS warning light will be given an immediate MoT failure..

And I think the other link states that with the latest TPMS system in which each tyre pressure is read and monitored by a 433 Mhz sensor in each tyre which is wirelessly sent to the system, the system does not need require resetting after a tyre change or inflation of the tyres.

Very interesting.

Ian: Thanks for the pic - so, as shown by my earlier pics which look the same as your pic, I'm assuming that we have the second type?

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Hi yeh my valves on my car look exactly like the valves on the pictures you've shown / normal wheel valves, I was doing a lot of faffing with my wheels yesterday (applying sealant, removing tyre coating, etc) so can assure you 100% they look like that

Both times the 'putting the light out' was automatic

Personally speaking and regardless I'd never use a kwikfit centre for a mot or service since what they did to my husbands new car a fair few years back now. Interesting that's the case with tpms though, I wonder if it's the same with all garAges or just them? Alls back to normal now anyway and the lights out but curiosity does strike :)

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Old style are metal, latest ones are rubber.

From what I was told, the metal ones had a habit of the caps getting seized on and as people tried to twist them off it busted the module.

The ridge/ring just down from the cap in your pics shows they are TPMS ones.

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Not sure which mine are, I'll ask the garage when I go tomorrow to pick my car up!

It's actually in for a TPMS/valve fault. They said the valve was faulty - was stopping for air every day or two *thought I had a nail in my tyre!* well I did, but didn't get through the rubber... Lol

They replaced the valve, rang me today then told me its the wheel itself as well as the valve, should have a new alloy tomorrow! Shame it's not the one i scuffed eh!

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