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Mondeo Tdci Problems (Flashing Glow Plug,limp Mode, P2288,p1608)


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Hi All,

Hopefully someone can help me here,

Started with flashing glow plug light whilst driving home...Drove home fine but next day Engine Management light came on andwent into limp mode..Didn't start and ran out the battery..After jumping it for a few more bursts it eventually went but bellowed out blew out blue smoke..So drove it about to see if it'll clear but it was pretty bad for the the first 10-15 mintues and then kinda settled.

But if you leave it sat long i.e over night you get the same thing loads blue smoke...but it does start nps.

So far i have changed/cleaned,

Replaced Fuel Filter

Replaced Air Filter

Replaced Glow Plugs

Cleaned out Inlet Manifold/EGR Valve (was sludgey)

Cleaned Fuel system

Glow plugs helped it start better but smokes steal there.

After 3 attempts of getting a F Super scanner that actually worked i got codes P0191, p2288 , p1608....after a quick look its

Done Fuel pressure check and got :

Done a quick check on pressures, here is the results:

(this is done in Limp Mode)

FRP @ 830 RPM = 245
FRP @ 1500 RPM = 600
FRP @ 2000 RPM = 770
FRP @ 2500 RPM = 850
FRP @ 3300 RPM = 910
FRP @ 4000 RPM = 1052

Done leak test (idle for 2 mins,rev for 30 secs,idle,rev,idle,rev,idle method) and got :

No. 1 = 51.5ml
No. 2 = 33.0ml
No. 3 = 53.0ml
No. 4 = 50.0ml

Any ideas folks

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Ok, cleared the DTC, all the other codes are away and faithful, P2338 no.3 injector knock code came up.

So between the code and leak off test id say new injector needed.

But what happened after was wierd, after i cleared the code and it came back i tried to start the car and it wouldnt crank, dead battery (7 volts on live data) , but it was sitting at 12.5v before clearing codes...Can clearing your DTc cause such a thing?


PS anyone got a spare injector lol

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