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Squeaking Noise


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Hello fellow Ford owners,

I own a 2004 Fiesta 1.4 16V petrol engine with 34 000 miles . The car is absolutely brilliant but hence I am a new driver with first car and hence the car's age, every little thing that appears wrong with the car I get stressed a lot haha. So....my recent problem started about 2 weeks ago when I started to drive away and heard a constant and pretty loud squeaking noise coming from the rear right wheel. I took the car to my local Halfords and they took it out for a drive 2 times and they said they took the wheel off as well and could not find any problems with it what so ever.It was a bit of a relief but the fact here is that the noise is still there and forgot to mention that the dB of the noise rises with the road speed. Halfords told me that I might have some dirt inside the drum brake.Is that possible ?

I would appreciate any suggestion

kind regards,


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