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Guide Fitting Oil Catch Tank 1.6tdci Ford Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5

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Guide Fitting Oil Catch Tank 1.6TDCi Ford Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5

I'll be working on the creation of this guide across the next few months,

I'll now edit to explain the purpose of fitting and all parts required but I'll edit at later date with physical fitting.

I know there is already an oil catch tank created for the 1.6tdci and A lot of work gone it to it's development.

Guide by Darren (DEE_82) whom has a guide on fitting to the Focus 1.6TDCi,


I'm not trying to do one better than the above,

My purpose of creating this guide is to ensure the process remains visible in the future as some members come and go so do there image hosting excetera,

So this is much the same documented process just lennys version.

I'll edit to remove this explanation when guide is complete.

At present I'm piecing together parts,

I hope to initially create hoses using connection elbows and jubilee clips prior to shipping them off to Samco to have custom built 1 piece hoses built to fit the focus catch tank location eliminating plastic elbows and reducing jubilee clips from eight down to four.

NB supply a 25mm oil catch tank which is custom built by

To fit the Mk6 1.6TDCi Fiesta.


The kit from NBstyling is well worth every penny spent,

The craftsmanship is perfect,

It also comes with fully illustrated fitting instructions for fitting to the 1.6TDCi Fiesta as saw in image below:


The 1.6TDCi engine fitted in the Mk6 Fiesta is the same as that fitted to the focus,

Meaning this 25mm oil catch tank kit can be fitted with some easy modification.

The oil Catch Tank prevents oil vapours from the crank case recirculating and condensing in the induction chamber,

I recommend fitting one of these just as much as fitting an EGR blanking plate because they both prevent contamination to the induction air being drawn in to the combustion chamber,

The oil catch tank wont directly increase driving performance like blanking the EGR Valve does; but it will play a significant part in prolonging turbo life aswell as improving intercooler efficiency by preventing any further oil from condensing and filling the intercooler which reduces its cooling performance.

The kit itself comes in a choice of piping colours: Red, Black or Blue.




This item will also help prolong turbo life by catching the engine oil and vapours being expelled from the rocker cover crank case,

Condensing them in the pot where they can be gathered and drained instead of recirculating through to the induction chamber and intercooler pipework.

Ultimatly this 25mm custom built oil catch tank kit is designed to replace the stock crank case to induction pipe while having the tank situated in the middle to capture the oil.


The tank must be positioned lower than the outlet from the crankcase to ensure the oil vapours flowing downwards in to the catch tank.

Having watched the recent MightyCarMods Video (See Video Below)

ill also be fitting a clean scouring pads as saw in the picture below; inside the oil catch tank to assist in the condensing of oil vapours by creating a greater amount of contact surfaces within the container.

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Custom 25mm Oil Catch Tank kit:

25mm Straight Connecters (Qty: 2 Required)

Stainless Steel Jubilee clips (Qty:8 Required)

Scouring pad (Optional)

Purchased locally at supermarket

To be edit to include further details of nuts, bolts and washers required.

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As discussed in above video I opened up the oil catch tank to install the scouring pad.


Removal of all six Allen head bolts revealed the inside of the chamber,


I then opened the pack of scouring pads,

Teased one of them out to a flat rectangle using fingers and thumbs, Here's a before & after


I then rolled it up like a carpet



Inserted in to the oil catch tank chamber


Next the inlet pipe feeding from the engine crank case ideally needs to be extended in length to ensure the oil becomes trapped in the scrubber system as best possible,


So i cut a short length of pipe and fitted to the inlet side:



This will force oil vapours down in to the scrubber system where the oil gasses will condense in the network of mesh,

Cleaner air will then circulate upwards through the return line feeding in to the induction pipe free from any oil contamination.



All back tightly back together now,

Inlet pipe from engine goes on the left,



The catch tank can be easily drained at every service interval via its own sump plug.

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the two 25mm straight connectors in shopping list are to replace the existing 90 degree elbows that are fitted to the catch tank,

When fitted; a 25mm hose will exit the engine crank case followed by a 90degree elbow fitting then a straight hose length in to the below catch tank.

The same again fitted to the induction side

straight hose feeding up from the catch tank to a 90degree bend feeding in to the induction hose.

This setup requires 8 jubilee clips and 2 elbow joints however I plan to ship these off to samco to have 1 piece hoses manufactured thus eliminating the plastic elbows and reducing the jubilee clips to 4 connections.

will look more factory fit as well.

I will edit thid guide when progress continues,

The fitting location will be the same as SAW in Dee's Guide; on the chassis arm, beneath the induction box.

Thanks for Viewing this Guide I hope it has helped achieve desired results.

My full list of self created Guides can be viewed on my Profile page or by following the link:

Any questions feel free to respond on this thread👇

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Just what i was looking for. My inter-cooler and associated hoses are full of oily slime from the breather on the rocker. Im going to get one of these after iv cleaned everything out,fitted a new rocker cover and blank the egr. Then i can thrash it a bit as its well overdue. No dpf on these to worry about. Excellent write up here. Well done!

ps,i just realised the pic of my engine bay may spoil your post so i deleted it.

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