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S Max Abs/traction Control Light

Ken a

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Hi there, I'm new to this site, has anyone got a answer to my problem.

2008 1.8 tdci s max, when I turn corners with a tight steering lock my Abs/traction control warning light come on and don't go off until I switch the ignition off.

There was a bracket under the o/s/f wheel arch fitted the wrong way round and was pulling the abs sensor wire when on full lock, but this has been turned round the correct way and the abs sensors changed in case it caused any damage.

The abs and traction control are both working fine, it's just this !Removed! warning light that I have run out of ideas with.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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sounds like damaged wiring harness for abs. check for corrosion at conectors also.

smax up to build date aug 2008 had poor abs wiring . there is a harness available via ford to repair if wiring is found as fault

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Hi, sorry I didnt reply sooner, its just a case of visually checking the wires , and cutting back the outer proctective layer to see the wires to check.

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Hi, ya I've got another problem if anyone has any ideas.

the top engine mount snapped and I have got it changed, but since changing it there's a vibration when ticking over, it's worse when the car is on a hill facing up or down there's no difference.

the engine has been re-aligned both mounts loosened and re-done but still there!

any of you knowledgable guys got any ideas what I should try next, the vibration is not that bad just !Removed! anoying 

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