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Pedal response 2009 Mk7 TDCI 90PS


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Hi guys!

Just wondered if anyone else was able to comment on the pedal response on their 90PS 1.6TDCI fiesta's.

I have experience with the Mk5 ZS and mk6 ZS Petrols, but Mk7 and diesel is a new world to me.

Cut a long story short.

At stand still, parked up, the moment you touch the pedal with your toes, the revs respond, exact as you would expect, and no different to what i'm used to from the previous cars i've owned. almost feels like its connected via cable.




Once you're moving, 2nd, 3rd, any gear in fact, there is a delay between me pressing the pedal, and the ecu/engine then attempting to do something about it resulting in a sudden jerking as the system responds.

Its most noticeable when you floor it suddenly, The delay has got to be somewhere between 0.4 and 0.6 seconds and is abit annoying.


anybody else experienced this? is this normal? what can i do about it if so?


Many many thanks!


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