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Hi all,

Will a 110 battery fit in a ford focus 2010 diesel tray.

I have a spanking new 110 (315x175x175) from my old car, but I'm not sure that it will fit without trying, just curious if anybody has 1 fitted for big AMP usage etc. I see 075,096 and 100's quoted on most sites with the 100 size being 270x175x175. Mine is starting to drain with anything slightly strenuous, i.e. using my laptop charger in the cigarette lighter for a few mins with ignition on. Don't quote me but I'm guessing about 7 amp, that would be 12 > 20V @ 3.4A for the techy types to ponder over!

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Measured the case from the top which is 335mm so I guess the battery will fit after all, I'll update when fitted hopefully.

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A 110 Size (315x175x175)  Car battery will indeed fit a Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi 2.5 2010 battery tray, just remember to remove the battery stop which is a small piece of plastic that plugs into the bottom of the battery tray.

I installed the battery by removing the airfilter box then removing the plastic front away from the battery held in place by 2 clips at the top then sliding the battery in from the front towards the back.

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