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I bought a used Ford Fiesta '04 Automatic 1.4 last July. Apart from a couple of cosmetic issues (loose wing mirror adjuster, trim keeps coming off & wing mirror came off) its been great. But now sometimes, when I pull out from a junction or a rolling stop, the engine light flashes and the power dies. It's usually showing 2nd gear on the display. Today it did it just after starting the car, pulling out of my road but this time the engine light was static and the battery light came on too.

Every time it does it, its just long enough for me to see the lights, put hazards on and start to pull over then all is fine again and I can carry on.

I normally do short journeys around the local area so lots of stopping + going. Drove 60 miles last week using dual carriageways and motorways and car was fine. 

Any advice would be gratefully received

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It could be a faulty battery or it could be the alternator isn't running long enough to charge up the battery. Check the battery terminals to make sure there is a good connection and maybe give them a clean, check the wiring from the alternator to battery for any signs of wear or frayed wires

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I had similar issue in my 04 focus, all my dash lights came on and lost power but also my speedometer and mileage went back to 0. Garage thought it was a speedo sensor in gearbox and replaced but it happened again. Turned out it was a dash cluster which they cleaned and she was fine after.

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