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How long should a head gasket job take on a 2006 mk2 focus sport 1.8 TDCI ?

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I paid a garage 9 months ago £950 to replace head gasket, turns out they only did water pump and ripped me off. 2 weeks ago a chemical test on coolant revealed bad head gasket, went back to the garage to see if they would offer a solution but they didn't.

car currently runs fine ( no power loss, no smoke, no mixing of water and oil ) but I do need to top up water every few days by 1 or 2 cup full or so.

A friend of mine is a master tech, works from home fixing cars. he quoted me £400 for labor and parts (but I'd have to pay additional £30 for head skim, also he says the valve stem seals won't need replacing so not replacing those)


However, he is a good mechanic and I trust him loads to do the work he says he is going to do the work on my car, I even stay while he does the work often. However as he works alone the smallest job can takes hours longer than it should, it took hum 11 days to replace EGR and manifold,  2 weeks to fix a leaking turbo oil feed pipe, e.t.c.



He said the head gasket will take approx. 2 days, as he will send head off for machine job. However, although I know it should only take 2 days, with my friend it could take him 3 weeks, so I intend to go up there throughout the whole process and help him with it .




How long should it take to d oa head gasket job from start to finish on my car (  not including valve oil seals)





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3 hours ago, iantt said:

Book time is 6.1 hrs so 5 weeks then.lol



So does the book time actually say 6.1 hours ?   I haven't a manual at the moment but will get one soon, before the job is undertaken. will the manual help much while doing the job ?



And lol, if it is going to take him 5 weeks to do a 6.1 hr job then I'll take it somewhere else

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1 hour ago, iantt said:

if your mate is a master tech then he shouldnt need a manual other than for headbolt torques and the like, and yes 6.1hrs



Well, I shall get a manual anyway, how will I know which manual that I need as somebody said there is about 3 different engines in my car type.



It will be at least an overnight job he says as he will send the head off for machining which he says will cost £30. he said if he was to start on the Monday it should be finished by Tuesday midday, so long as he stays focused fixing my car and not going to and fro looking at other peoples cars.


Is it ok if he doesn't replace valve stem oil seals, they don't need doing as the car isn't smoking at all, I think I'd rather they were replaced but he says there is no point as they are fine.

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