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Head gasket failure


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Looking for some advice around my 2007 ford ka has around 75,000 miles on the clock. About 4 weeks ago my coolant warning light came on, which then made  me realise I had a blown head gasket. Got this repaired by a local garage. I have had the car back 2 weeks and noticed a loud engine noise when I pressed down the clutch pedal, this went away when I lifted the pedal up. Took it back to the garage presuming a problem with the clutch and they are now saying the head gasket had gone again and blaming me for not topping up the water.

Is this a bad job on the gasket in the first place? Should it really blow again after two weeks? Can the clutch knocking be linked to that as it didn't happen before when the gasket first went? Any advice would be great.

Thank you


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Sounds like a bunch of conmen - the clutch noise is a common one nothing to do with head gasket!

How much did they charge?

They probably never torqued up the head properly or didnt tighten up the nuts in the order they are supposed to be done in or used a cheap gasket etc etc etc

Then they blame the customer - sad but there arent many good garages around these days its all money money money!!!


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they are liable for the repair and should sort the gasket out foc. they should have sent the head off to be skimmed. i bet they did not bother and as said by omendata they used cheap parts and not done bolts up in proper sequence and not to the correct torque.

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