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Windscreen Washers

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I'm sure this is a common enough complaint but the windscreen washers on the MK4 Mondeo are rubbish, they dont even wet the top half of the window.

Is it possible to get the mist type washer jets to replace the standard ones?

If so, has anyone a part number or a link to them?

Also noticed this morning that one of my headlight washers doesnt pop out from the bumper (the water just runs down the inside of the bumper)

Is this common enough? (the car is going back to the dealer next month anyway to be put through MOT so he can sort it then)

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No procedure, I hit the button for the windscreen washers and only the passenger side headlight washer came out of the bumper.

The drivers side stayed in the bumper but I could see the water dripping onto the ground underneath it.

Is there a procedure for aligning these??


**PS - I found the mist type washers, £13 each so i've ordered a pair up.

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The headlight washers pop out due to the water pressure.

Try wedging the cover up and running the washers to check water flow is equal.

Probably a clog in the system somewhere.

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Fitted the mist type windscreen washers this evening. They're not much of an improvement. Do these look a bit low in pressure to you guys?


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From what I recall,you remove the front undertray trim to access it, but seem to think the last time I did one I removed the n/s front foglamp as the pump is behind.

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