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Ford S max struggling to start and ruff at low revs

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Hi all not sure if anyone can help me out here with some suggestions as all garages seem to be scratching there head with this one. 

I purchased a 2010 ford s max about 4 weeks ago and from day one of having it when the car was cold it struggles to start and when it eventually does after about 30 seconds I get a lot of white smoke with very strong diesel fumes and a ruff idle. After driving the car for 2 minutes the smoke and the fumes seem to stop but the car judders a lot upon low revs between 1400-1700 revs with very little pressure on the accelerator. 

Ive had it into the garage and they told me it was the injectors, which were replaced costing £1000 this didn't cure it so then they thought the injectors weren't programmed correctly so re done all that and it's still the same. Now they are scratching there head and think it could be Egr valve. 

I have very minimal knowledge on mechanical work on cars, so if someone has any suggestions it would be much appreciated. Thanks


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