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Brake Fluid


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New to this forum so bear with me... basically, my brake fluid looks low on my new Mondeo 2007 purchase. It looks full from the top, but the reservoir looks like it's saying below Min. Is there some sort of air lock or way of getting new fluid into the reservoir? With Thanks. 




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yikes, ok Thanks for that dezwez. And there was I thinking it was showing near the Min mark... not very clear when looking at it... deceived me from looking at it side on as it looks like it was below the Min mark. I'll have to drain some out and check it's on the Max mark. Seems like the prior owner liked it topped to the brim then.

How long does the brake fluid last? If it's done 68,000 miles then will it need changing soon? Have to say though, the brakes are really good on this car!



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