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Sat Nav confirmation and update query & radio code


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So I have just brought from a dealer an ex ford direct Grand C max 1.6 TDCI 64 plate registered in Jan 2015. I have to say I am loving it apart from the sat nav.

The dealer has not given me a radio code he says I don't need one . Is he correct or cant be bothered to get it ?

Also the dealer said - he had found an sd card and put it in for me- is the correct sd card for my car does anyone know?

 Western Europe SD Sat Nav (V5)
Worm:                 sd2-FORD-MFD_F_WesternEurope_Sys-SW2428 v3
Bosch Part Number:    7612 105 870
Ford Part Number:     EM5T-19H449-DAC

Also , being used to a tom tom I am not impressed- it seems to know there is traffic ( although unlike with a tom tom I cant see how far away or where it is) but it doesn't seem to reroute to take this into account. I have been using my portable tom tom with it the last couple of days and the journey times for the same route have been calculated often over 10-15 mins different. It also annoyingly try to turn me around back to its original ( and traffic route) for ages adding an extra 10 mins to its journey time when its clear the other tom tom route is much quicker and avoiding the traffic. Is this the same as other people are experiencing or do I need to reinstall or update?



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Current radios with nav APIM modules are VIN coded to the car so do not need a radio code.

If your nav card is marked F5 then it is the latest issue.

Sent from my SM-G930F

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hi thank you for replying but how will I know if my radio has a nav apim module?

I cant see F5 on my card it says SD Sat nav (V5) and a lot of other letters and numbers i can give you if they help. The data was all added in 2014 to the card .

Should it just be aware of the traffic and not really do much more with that information ie re route to avoid ( i think it does re route but not very often at all). Also if pay £78 and get a newer one ( if mine isn't the latest one) will this make this problem any better or just update the maps?



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If you have access to a navigation screen then you have the high level APIM installed.

If you didn't then you would only get an information screen with a globe type compass and Lat/Long details.

V5 / F5 is the latest card.

Low level APIM shows the Information header over the top right side of the screen, High level APIM shows Navigation instead.


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If he has v5 then it's the older cmax with non touch mfd

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