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Bluefin Superchips worth it?


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I have got a 2009 Ford Focus Zetec S 1.8TDCI

I am currently looking at the Bluefin for a Remap.  Reading their site, I like the sound of being able to reload my original settings at anytime. (So possibly for MOT or if I ever sell it)

The gains state 20bhp and 39nm for the torque.

I used to have a 2005 Ford Focus and during that time I had to pay out for Dual Mass Flywheel and clutch twice (thinking first time they never changed it and charged me anyways) So I'm very nervous having got another Focus that the same should happen. (It cost 850 and then 550 before, but heard for this is 1k-1.5k :o/)

So I just wondered if I was to get the Bluefin and Remap.  Does it cause any extra wear and tear on my focus? I'd there anything I need to know that the website doesn't tell me?

I have just had a full service, but still notice around 1900 revs in 3rd and 4th if held around that point, the car does seem to be lumpy and a shake a little. Is this normal and would this get rid of that? Not got a massive knowledge of cars, would this be a point just before turbooking kicking in and is normal? It makes me want to accelerate out of that part of the band and just change gear cos does feel awful.

So anyone else used the Bluefin and seen any decent gains? (Also my mpg currently sits at 41.3 which seems a bit low too as my other focus was around 51 but this one does feel heavier)

Sorry for the block of text, but if it's worth it I can treat myself. Though I will tell the Mrs it was only £30........she won't understand! ;op

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it will put more torque through the gearbox but not any more than it could handle bluefin remaps are car specific not some random universal box so they wont damage the car .all manufacturers map the car for emission and economy all the remap does is rewrite these still within the safe parameters but not set so conservatively..lumpiness can be many things a good service is a start air filter oil and filter new diesel filter before looking at more expensive parts

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Any more input from others who have used Bluefin? I see at moment they doing a sale (£300 instead of £359) do need to know if worth paying the 300 notes or not?

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