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Ford Focus mk2 springs for boot struts


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Hey guys.


was wondering if anyone can help me find any springs for the struts on my Ford Focus mk2. I'm trying to make it open automatically but can't find springs to fit that will do the job. Any ideas?



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If you have a Focus MK2/MK2.5 hatchback version don't bother. The tailgate of the hatchback is lying too flat and is too heavy to do this. To make the tailgate open automatically the springs will need to be very strong. Springs of this strength are pretty large and will easily deform the mounting points of the gas struts.

There are some companies that offer these springs for the Focus MK2/MK2.5 wagon but the reviews are sometimes pretty bad. many people complain about the tailgate not opening automatically or deformation of the gas strut mounting points or even the bodywork.


If you still want to try you should go to a spring manufacturer and get some springs of the correct length and strength. the correct strength can be obtained by calculations  or simply by experimentig with different strength springs. 

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