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6000CD AUX issue!


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I understand that there are a lot of topics on the whole AUX connection for 6000CD, however none have simply resolved the issue.

I've pulled the head unit out and I have a cable from the back of the radio into the glovebox, where the square block clips into a housing behind the hole that can be seen from the front of the glovebox labelled 'AUX IN', I have also purchased Ford Part No. 1426121 which has a similar block on one end and a 3.5mm jack on the other.

How on earth can I simply get a connection from the back of my radio to a cable with a 3.5mm jack on the end?! I initially thought that the convenient 'AUX IN' hole in the glovebox was a simple connection for a 3.5mm jack, how wrong I was!

Please help! Thanks.

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I have already purchased that and it doesn't fit into the back of the radio anywhere? It won't fit into the block?

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OK I removed the very well hidden housing/adapter that the cable came in, and the smaller block now loosely fits into connector C, however it is very temperamental and has now stopped working. So does the AUX in hole in the glovebox (that looks like it should be a female 3.5mm jack) serve no purpose? I am so confused and I'm waiting for the penny to drop but I still feel like I'm missing something! Thanks.

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