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Hello all, new member here from up north


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Hello all

just thought I would introduce myself as I am now the proud owner of a 1 year old Focus Titanium 125 ecoboost in the Lunar Sky colour.

I traded my Nissan Note in for this beauty and what a difference it is. Build quality, interior, and sound proofing is way ahead of the Nissan. Sync 2 is wonderful, no more searching for phone numbers on the screen. :laugh: 

The 1.0 ecoboost engine is a little marvel, I don't know where it gets its power from :ohmy: and the drive, well what can I say, the Focus is so sweet to handle, especially on the country roads.

Will be doing a few little mods over the coming weeks so I will have a good snoop around and if I cannot find any answers then I will put it out to you lot with your infinite wisdom. 

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Hi Scotty and welcome to the forum but most of all to a Ford. Glad you like your car so much. I have the 1.6 diesel which I'm thinking of changing to the 1.0 125 petrol. I'd like to know what fuel consumption you average. Enjoy your car.

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys

@ Vlald: will let you know when I have had it a couple of weeks, I won't get anywhere near the Nissan MPG but I'm not really bothered, its a much, much better drive.


@ Joss: Thanks for the nice comments, it was a toss up between the Lunar and the same as yours, the appearance pack on the Lunar model swung it for me.


Will have to get the DA out over the weekend, I didn't let the dealer touch it as I know what they are like.

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