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Mk 3.5 fiesta for sale


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Hey guys,

I've had my beloved mk3 fiesta for over two years, it has been a solid motor for me, recently came off the road so I could do some restoration work on it. 

When I brought the car I had two receipts for it now I have a folder full, a lot of time and love has gone into this car and I will be putting it through an mot shortly. 

I didn't want to just sell it to just anyone, I'm looking for a fellow enthusiast to take it off my hands. It's a standard 1.3 push rod with full rs body kit, all major welding been done inner and outer sills arches, floor pan etc. 

O.z racing wheels, recently it's had new bottom arms, new clutch and bearing, wheel bearings, suspensions struts all round, re-con steering rack (non power steering) battery, alternator, all the usual serviceable parts have been changed. I had the tappets adjusted every 12k and it's still a pretty quiet engine for a pushrod, crankshaft oil seal has been replaced as a new sump gasket, and probably loads more I've forgotten about. 

 The interior is still in really good shape. Still have the original radio. The car has been well looked after in time I've had it, really wish I could keep it as it's becoming a modern classic in my opinion. 

Im looking for someone to make me an offer and take care of it. Posting photos soon. 


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