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Shortening my tailpipe


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Hope someone can advise me.

I have a standard fit exhaust and the back box was recently changed.

It looks sort of 'odd' to have the tailpipe sticking out slightly and I would really like to cut this end back into  a slash cut to contour the way the bumper is.

Will I notice any difference in sound by doing this or cause any real harm to the way the exhaust operates as a whole?

Just curious


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Sorry to drag up an old thread but if I say wanted to keep the existing backbox but weld on a bigger bore tailpipe(purely for cosmetic reasons) can it be done with no negative effect?

I guess i'd be welding a mild steel tailpipe onto a mild steel backbox

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There would be absolutely no issue with that, providing the condition of the back box is good.

The new tailpipe may be made of stainless steel, again not a problem to weld onto mild steel with the correct welding wire and equipment. 

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