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Fiesta 1.25ltr lump to a st lump conversion

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can you please give me some help and advice on this this is the info i got off my mate that works for ford and he has also done this conversion

maybe a few other things but from what i remember these are the main bits...

Engine(complete with throttlebody,inlet etc)



Engine Mounts

Exhaust manifold/system


Fuel Line

In Tank Fuel Pump

Expansion Tank

Overflow pipe from rad to exp

All heater/water hoses off the engine



STFront Panel

Top Hose

Bottom Hose

Brake Vaccum Hose(throttlebody to servo)

ST battery Tray

obv need oil,gearbox oil...

original driveshafts fit,just make sure if u leave ur halfshafts on ur old engine then the new one comes with some toherwise ur up sh*t creak. same with main fuses in the engine(this clips into the battery tray)

things you may need....

powersteering pipes(i managed to get away with mine)

as for aircon im not running it but from what i can see at work the condensors and pipes are different so again you would need all the parts for the system plus a regas once you have done the transplant

there are a couple of other pipes that do need to be made up but u can do that using the breathers and old fuel lines off your car

Original clocks can be used but you will need to program the car to start,these are live mapped aswell so it hasto be at a ford dealer or someone who has access to wds machine aswell as etis for the in an out codes.only a couple of people in the country can do this mobile as its to make it goto ford.i hadto sort all my codes out!

other option to bypass this is to get the clocks,ecu and key all from the same car and then would just plug and play

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Sounds right...would think you realy would want them driveshafts tho, cant quite believe the 1.25s be up for the job.

Its a lot of effort you know, and unless you could source a very cheap written off ST with all th be better off saving and buying a ST, sell yours to put towards.

I can guarentee that it be cheaper insurance too :)

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Thats pretty good,

Including the suspension and brake upgrades??

Piggy :)

yes i thought of that as well lol could be quite interesting driving around with brakes meant for a 1.2 fiesta :rolleyes: :rolleyes: and yes your insurance will go through the roof i would think.

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