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Engine cuts out when putting clutch down


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Need a little help, need some advice on what could be wrong with my car, i know i need to take it to a garage but im just interested in some possible problems it could be. My engine cuts out when im driving along in say 4th gear.... I brake and put my clutch down as if im going to come to a stop and my engine dies and all the dash lights come on, ( im not putting clutch down too late as ive tried doing it alot earlier ) car still rolls along with the momentum and starts back up no problem and i can just keep on driving ( just a little dangerous when my steering  gets so heavy) i have noticed just before it happens when i put the clutch down my revs drop to about 500 before it cuts out (my usual idle mode is about 1000 revs) Also it doesn't happen all the time, i can go for weeks without it happening and then one day it will happen 4 times in a row! Sounds strange but it doesn't happen when i have my blowers on (unless thats just a coincidence) Just to add my car drives fine, changing up the gears etc no problem, no strange noises or anything either. Any information anyone can give me will be much appreciated :) 

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7 hours ago, Marielynsey86 said:

.... I brake and put my clutch down as if im going to come to a stop and my engine dies

Does it only happen while braking?

If it is a petrol engine, the brake servo is connected to the inlet manifold. Problems with the servo or pipes could cause an air flow into the inlet manifold that would upset the idle, and may make it stall. It may be possible to replicate this on the driveway by revving the engine, applying the footbrake and releasing the accelerator.

Another possibility is some odd electrical problem, maybe just a dying battery, this can cause all sorts of odd symptoms. Monitoring the battery voltage with a multimeter or a cigar lighter plug in voltmeter, or having the battery tested may be useful.


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