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Hey everyone! I'm Alex!


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Hello everyone! My name's Alex and I'm from Romania. I've bought my Fiesta nearly 2 years ago and since then I did around 25,000 miles with it. The car will get to 200,000 miles soon and so far it has been mostly problem free. (the injector seals went and have been replaced but that's about it). 

The few modifications I did:

- it runs a boost-controller with a higher boost (1.3bar) and a custom fuel map (no dyno but it should be right around 90 to 100 crank-horsepower)

- it has Eibach ProKit springs and Bilstein B6 sport shocks all around

- i have the Zetec S interior (red/gray cloth)

- DMB* Graphics badges

- poly-bushes and a solid motor mount under the gearbox


And that's about it so far. I am planning on either rebuilding this engine, adding an intercooler, hybrid turbo and going for ~130 horsepower or I'll do a 1.6 swap. I love the car, it never let me down and so far it has been a real joy to drive. The suspension has been a godsend and it made the handling nearly perfect. The only drawback for now are the brakes but later this year I'll be looking at a 300mm kit for the front and possibly discs in the back (if i can keep the ABS system).


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