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Crap DAB on 2013 Titanium


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Just bought a 2013 plate titanium X Business edition estate.  Very pleased with it but the DAB is crap. Only gets about a third of the stations my last car did and even then they only stay tuned for a few seconds before dropping in and out. Anyone aware of a problem with the DAB from this age of car? Is there a common fix?



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There are some reports of issues with the diversity aerial in the rear screen and the connections/module associated with it.

I had a problem with mine after a year or 2 but that was different. The DAB was fine at first but then stopped working completely, and was fixed with a software update

Have a look at this http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=105082

particularly the post about 2/3 down


Have just reurned from the garage with a now working DAB radio.

The diversity antennas in the rear windows are connected to a small module via a black connector on the glass at the top

Both modules had been incorrectly fitted at manufacture. They live in the gap between the headlining and the roof

These were replaced - will post pictures later together with the old and new part no's

Not sure where the module would be on an estate though...

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