Fiesta MK7 Rear Bumper Removal Guide

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Hello everyone, when I bought my car both the front and rear bumpers didn't look like they were on right, today I finally decided to take the rear bumper off so decided to take some pictures along the way to put together a guide, hopefully someone finds it useful.


Tools needed

8mm socket and ratchet

T25 Torx

Small flat head screwdriver


Start off in the rear wheel arch by removing the 2 circled pop clips by pulling the centre pin out with a flat head screwdriver then pulling the whole clip out, repeat this on both sides.



Now you'll be able to pull the wheel arch liner away from the bumper enough to get to the 8mm bolt, undo this and repeat on the other side of the car (also now is a good time to unplug your rear fog light)



Underneath the car you should see 2 more pop clips (one is near the exhaust the other is near the tow eye) remove these.








Now remove the 2 T25 Torx screws just under the rear lights




Now you'll be able to go to either side of your car and where the bumper meets the body you'll be able to pull the bumper away from the car to separate it from the bumper retaining mounts, do this on both sides then stand at the rear of your car and you should be able to wiggle the bumper off.

Hope this helps someone, I will be doing my front bumper soon so will do a guide for this too if anyone thinks it'd be useful.


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Thank you very much for your help this has helped so many people 

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